Conference Programme

The conference and workshop sessions at PrintWeekLive! will provide inspirational ideas, across a broad range of topics, that you can take back to your business.

Hear about the latest technologies and how they can be applied to your business, the latest business thinking, from people inside and outside of print, and how these new approaches can benefit your company,hear from buyers on where the market is headed and what they think are the key opportunities.

In short, sessions will Inspire! Innovate! Initiate!

Day 1 : 7th March 2018


9:15- 10:00

Session to be confirmed

The innovation imperative

10:15 - 11:00

James Duckenfield, CEO, Hobs

With a solid background in driving innovation to deliver commercial success, few people are better placed than James to share hard-earned insights on why innovation is a necessity not a luxury. He’ll draw on his 20-plus years’ industry experience; which has included starting and then selling a technology business and being chief innovation officer for Xerox’s consulting and analytics businesses to, more recently, returning to the coalface by buying into and becoming CEO of one of the industry’s most innovative businesses, Hobs Group, to share powerful insights on how to put innovation at the centre of your business. In his inspirational session, James will cover off topics such as why innovation is imperative for the survival of your business and why there should be no sacred cows when it comes to driving change. He’ll also share statistics on what is happening to our industry, share examples of successful innovation, highlight how you can align your people and customers and share practical next steps to empower them and you to drive innovation at your business.

GDPR: Putting the power back into print


Patrick Headley, chief executive, Go Inspire

As CEO of one of the UK’s largest marketing services groups, offering the latest in strategy, data insight, print and direct mail innovation, Pat will share his thoughts on how the industry can embrace the imminent introduction of the new General Data Protection Regulations as an opportunity, rather than fear it as a threat. He’ll highlight the true value of physical mail in an on-line world and explain how you can turn the fear and confusion around GDPR to your business’s advantage. This session will give you the tools to create persuasive arguments to use with your stakeholders, whether you’re a printer or a print buyer. Go Inspire Group companies: GI Solutions, Eclipse, GI Insight, Eclipse 4DM, Go Inspire (previously Direct Link) and Paperplanes

Making your capital work for you

12:15 - 13:00

Mark O’Sullivan, partner, Grant Thornton UK

Mark specialises in helping businesses to identify and deliver a transformational cash release from working capital. He has experience of all major functions within a client’s company – not just finance – to build support for change initiatives, and to define and target optimal working capital levels. The result can often equate to at least 5% of turnover, often with more than 50% of the benefits delivered within 12 months. In this informative session Mark will share real life examples of how improving working capital can result in better business performance, and how the challenges can differ depending on the size of a company. He will highlight some top tips you can take back to your own business, as well as the warning signs you need to look out for. This session is a must for anyone who cares about the financial wellbeing of their business.

Generation CMYK


A panel discussion led by PrintWeek’s Jo Francis featuring young printing industry entrepreneurs, talking about their experiences and how they were inspired to get into print and the lessons they’ve learned.

The Solopress journey and the lessons learned

14:15 - 15:00

Aron Priest, co-founder and managing director, Solopress

Aron Priest will talk about his and the company’s journey from a one man, one press trade printing outfit to one of the of the UK’s leading online print innovators with sales of more that £20m - a journey that culminated in the business’s sale last year. He’ll talk about how he and his business partner decided when was the right time to sell and how they prepared it for a sale. Aron’s session will also mix inspiration and hard learned lessons in equal measure. He’ll cover topics from how technology supported the company’s evolution, the future of e-commerce and the importance of data in the running of all print businesses. He’ll talk about how data can provide valuable insights on the products that work for your business and those that don’t, how it can shape your marketing strategy, and how it can help identify new opportunities. Importantly, he’ll also share his experiences of some of the things that didn’t work and the lessons he learned.

Session Details to be announced shortly


Synopsis coming shortly

DAY 2 : 8th March 2018



Session details to be announced shortly

The changing role of print in a multichannel world

10:15 - 11:00

Charles Jarrold, chief executive, BPIF

As a former print business leader and current CEO of the BPIF, the industry’s leading trade body, Charles will discuss the direction of travel of the UK print sector and what that means for those of us in it. Using the BPIF’s quarterly research data, his engaging and thought-provoking presentation will look at some of the perceived and actual challenges facing the industry, from Brexit, unsustainable pricing and technological change but, even more importantly also the opportunities. He firmly believes that the industry is in the midst of one of the most exciting times in its history, but it’s not without its challenges. Many of those challenges, however, once viewed from a fresh perspective, could represent some of the industry’s most significant opportunities in the years ahead.

Planning to succeed

11:15- 12:00

Paul Holohan, chief executive, Richmond Capital Partners

Synopsis: Planning ahead is vital when considering the sale of a business and there is much to consider from both a business and personal perspectives. And yet the harsh reality is that there is very little practical advice available on how to plan for the exit. Paul Holohan, founder and chief executive of print industry mergers and acquisitions specialist Richmond Capital Partners, will provide practical insight into this challenging subject. In his thought provoking session, Paul will cover topics from preparing for the sale process, spotting obstacles to a successful sale, valuing the business, and structuring the deal itself. Paul and his team have over 35 years’ experience in selling businesses spanning over 200 transactions – so it’s safe to say that they’ve seen it all. Paul will use his knowledge and experience to help you avoid the common mistakes and learn from the success stories. Regardless of whether you’re looking to sell your business now or in the future or looking to grow your business through M&A or are simply interested in learning about fiscal best practice, this informative session will help all print business owners to be better prepared to face the challenges and embrace the opportunities in our dynamic industry.

Become a partner, not a supplier

12:15 - 13:00

Michael Burman, managing director, FE Burman

There can’t be many print leaders that boast a career spanning more than 50 years that are still recognised as one of the industry’s foremost innovators. But Michael is one such leader. In his thought-provoking session he will explain how printers can and must become true partners of their clients, not simply suppliers. He’ll also passionately talk about why printers need to regain their position as trusted communications experts if the industry is survive and thrive and share how his business is constantly striving to achieve that status and how yours too can target that admirable goal.

The future of print


Apprentice Panel Discussion

It's National Apprenticeship Week. We hear from a panel of printing industry apprentices about their industry journey so far, and their aspirations for the future. Session to be chaired by leading industry figure who started their journey in print as an apprentice/trainee.



Session details to be announced shortly

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