Lead supplier or whipping boy, your choice.


Mike Newman, partner, The Business Allotment

In his informative session, Mike will call on his 28-years of industry experience to highlight the imperative for a realistic view on pricing in the current commercial print market and the challenges that creates for procurement, marketing and printers. The session will issue a call to action for printers to embrace their manufacturing expertise and reposition themselves as the Lead Supplier, offering a credible alternative to print management.

The world of commercial print has reverted 25 years. Printers are putting in significantly below cost prices for tenders in order to win work, hoping they will be able to manage margin when requirements change and the print management companies are doing the same. It’s a race to the bottom; with fingers crossed the basket of goods will change. Procurement won’t win because with an ever-changing marketing print spend they can’t keep track of the spec changes. So, what is the answer? It’s time for print companies to stand up and remind end clients of the benefit of being close to the manufacturer in terms of speed to market, innovation and ultimately cost. He’ll discuss why printers shouldn’t ape print management companies, but instead embrace their manufacturing knowledge, remember how to farm work they can’t do themselves and offer clients a real alternative to print management. Because he firmly believes that the only real alternative is the Lead supplier model which has been adopted by a few and now needs to be embraced by the many.