Planning to succeed


Paul Holohan, chief executive, Richmond Capital Partners

Planning ahead is vital when considering the sale of a business and there is much to consider from both a business and personal perspectives. And yet the harsh reality is that there is very little practical advice available on how to plan for the exit. Paul Holohan, founder and chief executive of print industry mergers and acquisitions specialist Richmond Capital Partners, will provide practical insight into this challenging subject. In his thought provoking session, Paul will cover topics from preparing for the sale process, spotting obstacles to a successful sale, valuing the business, and structuring the deal itself. Paul and his team have over 35 years’ experience in selling businesses spanning over 200 transactions – so it’s safe to say that they’ve seen it all. Paul will use his knowledge and experience to help you avoid the common mistakes and learn from the success stories. Regardless of whether you’re looking to sell your business now or in the future or looking to grow your business through M&A or are simply interested in learning about fiscal best practice, this informative session will help all print business owners to be better prepared to face the challenges and embrace the opportunities in our dynamic industry.