Below are some of the more frequently asked questions about PrintWeekLive!. If you can't find the answer to your question just contact us and we'll be happy to help.

Who can attend PrintWeekLive!?

PrintWeekLive was established for anyone working in, with an interest in, or connected with print.

How much does it cost to attend PrintWeekLive!?

The exhibition and conference is completely free to attend.

Where is PrintWeekLive!?

Ericsson Exhibition Hall
Wasps Arena
Phoenix Way

When is PrintWeekLive!

PrintWeekLive is being held on the 7-8 March 2018.

Will there be kit at the show?

Absolutely. The latest technology being on the show floor will be integral to PrintWeekLive! along with conference and workshop sessions.

How is it different then?

Simply because the show’s format has been based on extensive research of potential visitors and exhibitors. The traditional print show-format hasn’t changed for decades: but the industry’s needs have changed significantly and will continue to evolve.

Do we really need another UK event?

Our research highlights that the UK print community wants a sustainable event. By listening to all the stakeholders we have created a show that’s fit for purpose, answers the needs of visitors and exhibitors and will be a credit to the entire industry by promoting the power of print to the widest possible audience.

But surely it will compete with other events?

That’s not the plan. We partner with many shows and will continue to do so. We are building a show based on research and experience that we believe offers something unique to the UK market and that’s why we’re proud to do it under the PrintWeek banner. Competing events, like competing media brands or competing printers, co-exist by offering something different and focussing on their own customer needs, not their rivals’ offerings.

What if I just want to attend the conference and workshop sessions?

We know that if you did that you would be missing out on the great innovations and applications on the show floor and your visit would be poorer for it. So visitors will have to pre-register for each workshop and will not be able to register for consecutive sessions.

But won’t the workshop sessions simply be sales pitches from the exhibitors?

No, because we all know that doesn’t benefit the visitors or the exhibitors. PrintWeek will have the same editorial standards at the event as it does in print and we’ll work with the workshop sponsors to ensure their presentations are valuable. Also the workshop sessions are only one aspect of the content programme. PrintWeek will put together a conference programme featuring business and technology experts and leaders from inside and outside of print.

Why only two days?

Because our research shows that the vast majority of visitors only attend a UK event for one day. Equally so that the event to be sustainable for exhibitors, with the build-up, show days and breakdown all included in the normal working week.

Does that mean that there won’t be the massive stands that dominate some shows?

The maximum stand size is 54m2 either shell scheme or self-build. Big enough to show a selection of kit, but small enough to build and install in two days. We all know that even on the biggest stands at a show like Drupa the chances of the exact model in the exact configuration that you need being on display are pretty slim. But we also know from our research that visitors want to see machines in action. But the research also demonstrated that in the vast majority of cases, seeing a machine at a show is just the beginning: it’s an opportunity to see and hear what a technology can do, start a conversation about your business needs, and arrange a follow up discussion or site visit. Nobody needs a 1,000m2 stand to start a conversation.

So how big will the show be?

6,000sqm in total.

How often will it run?


Will PrintWeekLive! have any impact on the PW Awards?

Absolutely none. The Awards will continue to celebrate the best in UK print in the Autumn and PrintWeekLive! will highlight the possibilities in UK print in the spring.

How can I find out more?

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